The Tenant Administrator role

The Tenant Administrator (TA) is responsible for the creation and deletion of workspaces, as well as user administration.

It’s important to note, that a TA account is a purely administrative one. Tenant Administrators cannot access the workspaces they are overseeing, as this would be a breach of the permissions and governance allowed by those who are actually operating the workspaces.

If you would like to know more about the extra functionality available to the Tenant Administrator role, we recommend visiting Aridhia Learning Portal and enrolling in a Tenant Administrator course.

Becoming a TA

Note, the TA cannot be a workspace user. If you are signed up to the workspaces service and are a member of at least one workspace, you must sign up to the workspace service with a second email address which will be assigned the role of a TA by the Aridhia service desk. All TAs must sign up to workspaces following the instructions here: Workspaces Account Setup. Once signed up, please contact the Aridhia Service Desk who will assign your profile the role of a TA.

Creating or deleting a workspace

On the sign in with your TA credentials, you will see a list of workspaces that are hosted in your hub, as well as workspace summaries and their owners. From this main overview screen, you can add a new workspace as well as edit or delete an existing one.

User administration

Tenant Administrators also have user management permissions. They can invite and remove workspace members, change their user role, as well as appoint a workspace Owner. Instructions on how to do this can be found in this article.

Moreover, TAs can view all the users in their organization. To do this, click 'Users' in the top left corner of the TA homepage.

Updated on June 14, 2021

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