The Dataset Tab

The FAIR dataset tab has three main components:

  • Catalogue
  • Attachments
  • Dictionaries


This section contains the catalogue entry for the dataset. FAIR allows data owners to create and use custom catalogue temaplates, so this section may vary from dataset to dataset. An example of the standard catalogue template is shown below:


The catalogue section also details any collections the dataset is included in, if the dataset is requestable, if cohort builder is available on the dataset, and if any conditions are applied to the dataset.


Data owners can attach associated files to a dataset, these are displayed under the catalogue and are available for users with the appropriate permissions to view and download:



The final component of the dataset tab are the dataset dictionaries, users can toggle between these using the menu on the top left:


Metadata export

Users also have the option to download the metadata for FAIR datasets from the metadata drop down:

Reader view.png

The three download options allow the user to export their chosen metadata in JSON format, the Reader View allows users to view the dataset metadata in single page markdown format:

Reader view.png

The download option on the reader view tab allows the user to download the metadata as markdown.

Updated on May 31, 2024

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