Adding, viewing and editing notes and insights

Improving the communication and collaboration between your team is easy using your workspace's built-in social tools.

You can choose to add comments, notes and insights to research assets or activities displayed in the Activity tab.

Highlighting something of interest

When you do or learn something that you think might be of interest to your team, you can create a Note. Notes are attached to the object to which they pertain, such as a workspace or a database table. Other users can attach Comments to a Note, thereby creating a thread.


Highlighting something of importance

An Insight is an important conclusion or observation about data in a workspace that you consider worthy of more emphasis than a Note. Notes can also be easily promoted to Insights. Other users can attach Comments to an Insight, thereby creating a thread.


Adding notes and insights


Use the 'Add a note' or 'Add an insight' buttons in the Tools sidebar depending on which option suits your purposes.

Both Notes and Insights are distributed in the same way, appearing in the workspace Activity tab.

Activity tab.png

Updated on October 16, 2023

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