Requesting a new Virtual Machine

If you need a new or additional Virtual Machine in your workspace, one can be requested directly from Aridhia's Service Desk.

To request a new Virtual Machine, please e-mail specifying the name of your workspace and whether you require a Windows or Linux machine.

The standard specifications of a Virtual Machine are 4 vCPU, 16 GB memory, and 28 GB temp storage. Should your project require a higher specification of machine, please contact the Service Desk who can assist in selecting a more powerful machine.

Data Science images

Aridhia also offer Data Science images to be pre-installed on any Virtual Machine in the workspace. Data Science images include some commonly used software and programs as standard. Please see this article for more information about these images.

Budgeting for your Virtual Machine

All Virtual Machines may incur a cost to your project. Generally, more powerful Mesktops will incur a higher running cost and this should be monitored closely. Aridhia's Service Desk will advise whether additional funding or authorization is required before your machine is provisioned.

Please note that all Virtual Machines will be set to shut down automatically in the evening (normally 8pm local time) in order to control costs; this setting can be changed if required.

Updated on August 31, 2023

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