Editing or Deleting an existing Workspace

The Tenant Administrator (TA) can edit or delete any existing workspace on their tenancy. (Note: if the TA is also a user in the workspace, they cannot delete it.) TA might want to edit the description and reference of the workspace, as well as add or remove members or change their role. Organisations will likely want to remove workspaces that are no longer in use, as each workspace uses database storage and other Microsoft Azure resources.

Editing an existing Workspace

In the workspaces list, click on the menu icon of the workspace you want to edit, and select Edit.

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Now you should see the available editing options. You can change the Reference and Description fields. Note that Workspace Administrators can also edit the Description.

User administration

You can also make changes to the workspace members list by adding or removing users as well as changing their role. (Note, workspace changes may take a few minutes to be processed.)


Delete a Workspace

To delete a workspace, click on the menu icon of the workspace you want to delete, and select Delete.

You will be presented with a dialogue box. To avoid accidental deletion of a workspace, you must enter the full workspace name to confirm and then click Delete. (Note, it will take some time for the workspace to be deleted, so it might still appear on your list for a while.)



Workspaces are backed up on a rolling 14-day basis. If a workspace is deleted in error, you can contact Service Desk within this period to recover the data before it is permanently deleted.

While the contents of the workspace are backed up, this does not apply to the local drive of any virtual machines in the workspace. All your work should ideally be saved in the Files or Blobs section of your workspace, or on Git.

Updated on May 29, 2024

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