FAIR Audit

FAIR Data Services audits user events and allows service Administrators (or those with appropriate permissions) to access and view the service audit, either via the UI or API.

The log of audit events can be found when selecting the 'Audit' menu button. audit-menu.png

A list of audit events lists the who, what and when of supported audited events in the service. These can also be filtered based on type.


The name of the user or role can be selected to view more information, e.g. the permissions associated with the role.

These list of supported audit events are currently:

  • Datasets: uploading and downloading of dataset attachments
  • Data Access Requests: creating, deleting, approving or denying Data Access Requests
  • DAR Workflows: updating a DAR workflow
  • Role Management: creating, deleting or updating roles
  • Users: approving or unapproving users from the service
  • Configuration Vocabulary: updating a vocabulary

Long Term Audit

Audit records that are more than two years old are not accessible from the FAIR UI as they have been moved to cold storage.

If a user requires access to these records they can raise a ticket with the service desk specifying the dates they are interested in. The service desk team will then be able to retrieve the records from the cold store.

Updated on March 27, 2023

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