Commons Mode

By default FAIR requires users to register an account, and use this to log-in to access the service. Commons mode is a setting that enables users to access a FAIR instance without creating an account.

User roles

Turning on commons mode enables an additional user role 'Guest'. Guest users are not required to log-in, and can search for and view datasets. Guest users cannot submit data access requests.

Dataset visibility

In addition to the standard dataset visibility settings of 'Private' and 'Internal', commons mode has a further option, 'Public'.

Public datasets are visible to all users, including Guests. Switching a FAIR instance to commons mode will not make any datasets public, data owners must choose which datasets they wish to make publicly available after commons mode has been enabled.

Enabling commons mode

Commons mode can be enabled by the Aridhia Service Desk.

Updated on November 24, 2022

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