Dataset Custom Links

Data Owners can choose to add custom links to a dataset. There are two steps to this process:

  1. Creating a custom link
  2. Adding a custom link to a dataset

Users with administrative permissions can create custom links. They do this by accessing the Vocabularies tab via the Administer menu:


Upon opening the Vocabularies tab, the user should select the Dataset Links option from the list of customisable items:

Custom Links vocab.png

This will open the table below:

Custom links table.png

Users should enter the information required:

  • Name - this will display in the UI when the link is added to a dataset
  • URL - the URL the link should take users to
  • Target - if left blank the link will open in the existing tab when selected, if the user wishes the link to open in a different tab they should add '_blank' to this field
  • Description - the description of the link will display when a user hovers over it in the UI

When they have entered this information the user should select Modify to save the new link.

Data owners can add existing custom links to a dataset on the dataset administration tab.

When the tab is open, the user can select which custom link they would like to add from the drop down below.

Allowed links.png

When the selected link has been added, the user will get the following confirmation message:

Link update.png

The next time the user opens the dataset, the custom link will be visible in the ribbon menu for the dataset.

Custom link ribbon.png

This feature can also be used to send FAIR dataset codes to external applications by using the following format:{code}

Updated on September 22, 2023

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