Adding multiple users from a file

A Tenant Administrator (TA) can invite multiple users to join the Aridhia DRE by uploading a CSV file.


On the form at the top of the user menu on the TA view, the TA should click the 'Add multiple users' button, on the right. This launches a modal window.


The modal has a 'Choose file' button and an 'Add users' button in the footer of the modal, as well as a checkbox to send registration emails to all users that will be uploaded.

Here is an example CSV file

The uploaded file should:

  • be in .csv or .xlxs format
  • contain a header row with First Name, Last Name, Email
  • contain details of at least one user
  • contain details of 100 users or fewer
  • contain only valid user details

If there are any invalid details, The TA will be alerted to the problems, and invited to correct the data and re-upload the file.


If the user data is all valid, every row will be coloured green, and the TA can click the 'Add users' button in the footer of the modal. A message of Users added successfully should be displayed.


If there are any further problems (for example, if a user has been added by a different TA at the same time) a table with only the users that failed the server validation will be displayed. The TA can correct the file as before – the previous users data will be overwritten by the new data.

Updated on September 22, 2022

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