Keeping your Virtual Machine up to date

If you have a Virtual Machine provisioned in your workspace, we make sure that it is kept up to date by patching it periodically.

Patching for Linux machines

Linux machines are set to check for updates on a daily basis. If the machine is not started daily then this check will be run the next time it is turned on.

Some packages will require a reboot. In this case, the package will be downloaded but the reboot will not be actioned (so that you can keep using the machine), the package will then be updated on the next shut down. If you have no auto-shutdown set on your machine, you should have an agreed reboot window where we can install these upgrades; if you need more help or information with this, please contact Aridhia Service Desk.

Keeping a specific version of a package

If you wish to keep a specific version of a package running, e.g. for compatibility reasons, you can run the following command to make sure that a certain package is not updated:

apt-mark hold <package>

Patching Windows Machines

Updates for Windows Virtual Machines will be downloaded automatically on a weekly basis at 2 am on a Saturday morning; this update will cause your Virtual Machine to reboot. If you happen to be signed into the machine at this time, you will see a notification that allows you to delay the update and carry on working.

Updated on August 31, 2023

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