Navigating the Shiny Apps tab

The Shiny Apps tab

The Shiny Apps tab gives team members easy access to all published Shiny Apps in the workspace. Shiny Apps are shown as tiles in a gallery format, and the right-hand sidebar displays summary information and status of each Shiny Apps, including the creating, publication and modifications dates.


Understanding the Shiny App tiles

Each Shiny App tile shows the status of that Shiny App at the current time. The status is shown in the sidebar as well as on the tile. A 'Stopped' button with a red dot means that the Shiny App is not running in the workspace. To start the Shiny App, click 'Start App' or anywhere on the tile.


A 'Running' button with a green dot means the Shiny App has been started and may be in use by another user in the workspace. To start your own session of the Shiny App, click 'Connect' or anywhere on the Shiny App tile. The status of the Shiny App is shown on the right-hand sidebar along with the name of the user who started the Shiny App. To stop the Shiny App, click 'Stop'.


Running a Shiny App

Clicking the 'Start App' button on a published Shiny App will open that Shiny App in its own dedicated tab. In the right-hand sidebar, you can view the log of the App, save the log to a file, refresh or restart the App and navigate to other published Shiny Apps.


Refreshing a Shiny App should be used when the source code changes while the App is still running as refreshing will not stop the App. Meanwhile, restarting a Shiny App will stop and start the App, thus it should be used when the Shiny App has an error in the code that does not allow it to start correctly.

The Shiny App log includes information about the app events such as loaded packages, warning and errors. Therefore, logs are particularly useful for debugging your Shiny App.


Unpublishing or deleting a Shiny App


If you need to remove a Shiny App from the gallery of published Apps, select the Shiny App and click on the 'Delete Shiny App' button in the right-hand sidebar.

Updated on December 20, 2022

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