Creating a Shiny App from a template


To create a new Shiny App, select the 'New Shiny App' option from the Apps dropdown menu. Give it a name, choose the Shiny App template (see the list below) and the R image version, then click on 'Create Shiny App'.


This will create a new tile on the Shiny Apps tab and a new folder in the Files tab named after the new Shiny App. To customise your Shiny App, edit the files in this folder, and then refresh your Shiny App.


Shiny App created from the 'Dynamic plot with ggplot' template.

Shiny App templates

There are several templates available when creating a new Shiny App:

  1. Blank single file creates an empty App consisting of a single app.R script.
  2. Example single file creates a single-file example Shiny App that displays a scatter plot of the different variables in the Ozone dataframe.
  3. Blank multi-file creates an empty App consisting of two separate scripts for the server function and the User Interface (UI) object.
  4. Dynamic plot with ggplot/ggvis create a multi-file App that displays an interactive bar plot of the Flights per Month in the hflights dataframe.
  5. Test communication with workspace this Shiny App aims to facilitate testing communication between the workspace files, database tables, RConsole and Shiny App environment.
Updated on December 20, 2022

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