Updating a Dataset to use a new Catalogue Template

Introducing a new catalogue template to FAIR

Creating a new Catalouge Template in FAIR covers the process for creating a new catalogue template and adding it to FAIR.

FAIR supports the use of multiple catalogue templates simultaneously, so there is no requirement for all datasets within FAIR to use the same catalogue template. However, users may introduce a new template with the intention that some or all existing datasets will be migrated to it, and this article details that process.

Migrating a dataset to a new template

The data owner can change the catalogue template for their dataset via the Dataset Administration Tab. All enabled catalogue templates can be selected from the Catalogue template dropdown:

Cat choice.png

If the new catalogue template omits fields that the old template contained, the values for the omitted fields will be saved against the dataset until the next time it is edited.

At that point the data owner will editing the dataset will get a warning detailing the hidden fields that will be deleted when the edit is saved:

Delete warning.png

Similarly, if the new catalogue template contains required fields that do not exist in the previous template for the dataset, the data owner does not need to complete these until the first time they edit the dataset.

Once successfully migrated, datasets will allow owners to edit their datasets as normal in the UI.

Updated on March 1, 2024

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