Aridhia's Shiny Apps

R Shiny is becoming a popular platform to build interactive web applications for data science. These apps allow for easy visualisation and analysis of data without the need to work with lines of code, enabling scientists to interact with their data no matter what their skill set is.

To support users of our Digital Research Environment (DRE), or anyone interested in using these applications, either within or outside the DRE, we have published all of our Shiny apps and made their GitHub repositories public. Currently, Aridhia's Shiny apps page hosts more than 15 apps.


On the Shiny Apps page, you can explore all the different Shiny Apps Aridhia has developed and run them on the web in seconds. The Shiny Apps also include links to GitHub repositories, from where you can download the source code and test it out on your machine or deploy the Shiny Apps to a workspace.

gwas_shinyapps.gif Aridhia's GWAS Shiny app.

Updated on May 3, 2023

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