About your Workspace

You may have heard of the concept of a trusted research environment, or TRE. Workspaces fulfils the requirements and purpose of a TRE within Aridhia's wider DRE ecosystem. Workspaces are hosted private collaborative analytic environments within the platform, which a distributed team can access through both their web browser and virtual machine environments (where applicable). Workspaces provide a model for teams that may align to projects, programmes, or working groups from one or more organisations or departments.


The core principles of a workspace are:

  • Workspaces are private to their members.
  • User access to workspace features and data is managed through a permissions model and can be maintained by a Workspace Administrator.
  • Workspaces are configured based on file and database storage and compute requirements, virtual machine requirements, and any additional add-on services (such as the R Shiny server).
  • Users manage their data in their workspace including modelling, cleansing, filtering and sharing.
  • Workspaces allow you to manage core data assets such as database files and tables, documents and scripts.
  • Once uploaded, files, database and data files are readable and writable via both the web interface and the optional virtual machine environment.
  • Workspaces provide audit reporting.
Updated on March 25, 2024

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