Word cloud

A word cloud is a method of text visualisation for displaying the frequency of words in a given body of text. The frequency of each word is proportional to its size.


Word clouds (also known as text clouds or tag clouds) is a graphical cluster of words depicted in different sizes. The more frequently a word appears in the source, the bigger and bolder the word appears in the graphic. Common words and themes can easily be derived. Words shorter than three characters will not be included.


The example shows a word cloud.



Variable nameRequiredConstraintsDescription
text_1yesColumn Input: Text, Integer, Decimal. Note that numbers will be treated as Strings.A column in a data table; the word cloud will generate from this list, displaying the more frequent words in larger text
text_2NoColumn Input: Text, Integer, Decimal. Note that numbers will be treated as Strings.If text_2 is supplied, a comparison cloud will be created which compares the words between the two columns and places the words on the side of the graph as to which column has the higher frequency.
max_wordsYesAn integer between 1 and 40Limits the number of words displayed in the word cloud, the minimum is one and the maximum 40.
TokenizeNoBoolean (On/Off)Allows users to break up words. For example, by setting tokenise to true, 'United Kingdom' becomes 'United' and "Kingdom"
Updated on November 2, 2022

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