Accessing a workspace when you are a TA

It is now possible for a user to be a TA and also be a member of a workspace with a single login.

The process of promotion to TA process is described in this article.

Understanding the permissions of a TA

As a Tenant Administrator, you can add, edit, hibernate and wake up workspaces. You can also manage users and their workspace memberships. If you are added as a member of a workspace then you may loose some TA privileges for that workspace as the workspace permissions take priority over your TA permissions. For example, if you were added as a Standard user to a workspace, you would lose all your TA permissions on that Workspace. Your TA permissions would be reinstated when you are removed from the workspace.

Being added to a workspace when you're a TA

A Tenant Administrator cannot add themselves as a workspace user. A TA can be invited to join a workspace by the Workspace Administrator, Manager or another TA.

Updated on June 23, 2023

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