Inviting users to your workspace and assigning roles

Workspace Administrators and Managers are responsible for inviting members to a workspace and ensuring that their access is granted via a number of role-based levels.

Adding or removing users from a workspace

Before a user can be invited to a workspace they must have a Workspaces account. Users can register for an account by following these instructions. Once a user account request has been processed, the Administrator or Manager can invite the new user to their workspace following these instructions:

  • Select the workspace to which the new user should be added to
  • In the Home tab, click on the ‘Invite or edit members’ button in the right-hand panel
  • Individual users then can be added by clicking ‘Invite’ next to their name
  • Once the member has been invited to the workspace, they are assigned the Standard User role by default. You can use the dropdown next to their name to change it to either a Workspace Administrator, Manager, or a Contributor
  • If you are a Manager, you cannot remove Workspace Administrators, or promote anyone else to that level.
  • Once all required members have been added, click ‘Save changes’

The coloured status indicator beside the username indicates whether the user has accepted the invite (green), or if it's still pending (yellow). Changes may take up to 10 minutes to be processed.

Removing users from a workspace can be done in the same manner, simply click the ‘Remove’ button beside the user to remove their workspace access.

Changing the role of an existing workspace member

If you need to change the access level of a workspace member, simply:

  • Select the workspace that the user belongs to
  • Click on ‘Invite or edit Members’ in the right-hand panel
  • Use the dropdown menu next to their name to select the role
  • Click ‘Save Changes’
Updated on July 15, 2022

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