The Standard User role

Standard User is the most common role, which allows the user to upload data, write scripts, access virtual machines, perform data analysis and much more. Essentially, Standard Users can use all the functionality of a workspace, except for the Administrator-specific privileges (user management, workspace audit, approval of Airlock requests).

If you would like to find out more about the workspace functionality available to the Standard User role, we recommend visiting Aridhia Learning Portal and enrolling in a Workspace Fundamentals course.

Standard User Privileges

Standard Users have the following curated permissions:

  • Access and manipulate data
  • Create, collaborate on, and delete files
  • Create, preview, publish, delete and run Mini-apps
  • Install, run and delete software in the Virtual Desktop in order to do analysis
  • Create notes and insights, as well as edit and delete their own
  • Create comments, as well as edit and delete their own
  • View list of workspaces that they have been granted access to, and view associated members

Standard Users cannot view audit data, and they do not have permissions to manage workspace access.

Updated on March 10, 2021

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