Discovering Data

Discovering data will primarily take place using the FAIR search functionality however there are other ways to discover data in FAIR. The approaches to discovering data are listed and described below: * Discovering datasets via search. * Discovering all datasets. * Discovering data on the home panel.

The amount of data discovered is dependent on each dataset’s visibility within FAIR. Currently a dataset can be set to the following visibility levels:

  • Private: the dataset is private to the user that created the dataset.
  • Internal: the dataset is viewable to all users within the FAIR service.
  • Note that each data discovery approach will by default return all datasets that are internal (i.e. visible to all) and the private datasets of the user discovering data. For more information about dataset-level visibility, see the ‘Dataset Visibility’ article.

    The most common method of finding data in FAIR is via the inbuilt search functionality. Search can occur via the search panel or the omni-search box present within the FAIR header menu.

    Search Panel

    The primary form of searching can be navigated to through the ‘Discover’* menu to *‘New search’. The search box supports simple and complex search criteria and supports the Lucene format. More information on how to create a search can be found at ‘Searching for Data’. Upon executing your search criteria, a summary of the results is provided as well as the matching datasets, their description and associated keywords. A dataset can be selected to navigate to the dataset-specific page. Searches are reproducible, as they can be saved and re-run at a later date or the search URL can be copied and shared with others. See the ‘Saving a Search’ article for more information.

    The search box in the menu ribbon provides search functionality over multiple aspects of the service.

    This omni-search allows you to search for: 1. Knowledge base articles. 2. Navigate within the service. For example, a search for ‘dataset’ would allow you to navigate to the list of all datasets with the platform, or create a new dataset. 3. Datasets within the platform. For example, searching for ‘dementia' will return datasets with terms matching ‘dementia’.

    Discover All Datasets

    A list of all datasets within the FAIR service can be found via the Datasets menu dropdown.

    The datasets table will list all available datasets as well as some metadata about the each dataset. Selecting a dataset will take you to the dataset-specific page. Filter functionality is available for quickly finding datasets or adjusting the datasets shown whether private or visible to all users. See the ‘Data Visibility’ article for more information. Users the with Data Steward role (or a custom role with appropriate permissions) can perform actions, such as delete, against single or multiple datasets via the vertical ellipsis or checkboxes respectively. Similarly, users can create a new dataset by selecting the ‘+ New’ button in the actions ribbon.

    Discover Data on the Home Panel

    The home panel shows Featured Datasets and Recently Created Datasets.

    Featured Datasets is a way to show datasets that are likely to be of interest to the users of the service.

    Currently, the datasets featured are limited to five and are selected at random.

    Recently Created Datasets

    Recently Created Datasets is a way to see the datasets that have been recently added to the FAIR service.

    Currently, the datasets listed are limited to 5 and are descending ordered based on their time of creation.

    Updated on October 6, 2022

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