Dataset Visibility

A dataset within FAIR Data Services currently has two levels of visibility:

  • Visible to me and users I share with (aka Private): the dataset is private to the user that created it, and any other users they have granted access.
  • Visible to all users (aka Internal): the dataset is viewable to all users within the FAIR service.
  • By default, and unless specified, each method of discovering data (e.g. search) returns all datasets that are internal (i.e. visible to all) and the private datasets of the user discovering data. For example, the dataset panel listing all datasets has a toggle to view datasets with each status.

    The following toggle options are available:

    View all datasets (both internal and private datasets)

    View my datasets (i.e. view all private datasets)

    View all other datasets (i.e. view all internal datasets)

    Changing the Visibility of a Dataset

    A Data Owner can change the visibility of their dataset: this determines which users can see it.

    Visibility settings can be updated here:

    If set to 'All Users' the Data Owner does not need to take any further action to share the dataset. If set to 'Me and Users I Share With', then the Data Owner needs to select the specific users they wish to share with.

    To do this they should open the 'Share' settings accessible here:

    This will open a pop up which allows the Data Owner to select the users they wish to share with, and specify the level of permission they should be given on the dataset.

    Updated on September 27, 2022

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