Role-based Access Control

A user newly signed up to the service will be assigned a role however the user will remain unapproved until an Administrator approves the user. These roles are assigned to users by the Customer in a self-service manner at any time or by Aridhia upon request.

Note: a FAIR instance can be configured to auto-approve and automatically assign roles to users after signup upon request to Aridhia.

A set of managed roles exist that can be assigned to users:

Role View Dataset Request Access to Dataset Add/Delete Dataset User and Service Management
Data Steward
  • Observer (API code: ‘observer’): a role that only allows the user to view existing datasets made public by Data Stewards.
  • Standard (API code: ‘standard’): a role that allows the user to view existing datasets made public by Data Stewards but can also save searches.
  • Data Steward (API code: ‘data-steward’): can create, edit and delete datasets as well as assume the permissions of the Standard role.
  • Administrator (API code: ‘admin’): can perform role management capabilities and other administration tasks via the API. Where managed roles differ to requirements, Administrator can create custom roles from the FAIR Data Services permission set via the API and assign these roles to users in the platform. See the ‘FAIR Permissions’ article to view the permissions part of each managed role as well as the entire FAIR permission set available for custom roles.
Updated on February 25, 2021

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