Customising an existing Mini-app

Mini-apps can be changed by republishing the app, to update it. You are able to view the source code for your Mini-app by navigating to the File tab. You can make changes to this source code, remove the mini app and then republish it, but it is not possible to publish the changes at this time.

Adding an image to your Mini-app tile

If you choose to add an image to your Mini-app tile, this image should include the name of the app so that users know which app they are opening. The image file should be named "tile.png".

Referring to workspace files in a Mini-app

As part of your Mini-app, you may wish to refer to files stored within your workspace. This can be done by using the file path:

/home/workspace/files followed by the folder and name of your file. Note that this is consistent with the use of files in the R console itself.

Running a Mini-app on a specific version of R

Mini-apps can be set to run on a specific version of R. Within your mini app folder in Files, create a new file called .version if it does not already exist. Open the file and set the version of R which you which the Mini-app to run on.

Note, you must select a version which is available in your workspace. Additionally, if the version later becomes unavailable, the mini app will run on the default version of R unless you change the configuration in the .version file.

The format of the R version can be any of the following (for e.g. R 3.6.3)

  • 3.6.3
  • r:3.6.3
  • r.3.6.3
  • r-3.6.3
  • r3.6.3

Alternatively, you can set the following values

  • legacy
  • r_legacy “legacy” or “r_legacy” is the version of R which ran on the final version of Workspace 1.25 and can be used for apps which have been migrated from there. An incomplete version, such as 3.6, or a complete non-available, such as 3.6.6, would return the highest complete available, such as 3.6.3 All others would return the default (usually the most up to date version), including those with contradictory information such as _r_legacy:3.5.3_
Updated on December 2, 2020

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