How to upload your Mini-app

Creating Mini-apps for your Workspace is a great way to help with your team’s research and development. They can be created to simply display data in a specific format or to perform complex data analysis and visualisations. Workspaces allow you to build an app from scratch within the platform or import your application as shown below. First, select the option to create a new Mini-app from the dropdown menu as shown in the image here.

Next, you will be asked to name your Mini-app and choose a template from the dropdown menu: this will be dependent on the R files that you are using to create your application.

Empty R files will be opened with the relevant headings. Then add the line .libPaths("/home/workspace/R"), followed by your copied and pasted code into the correct files. Note that any libraries the app uses will need to be installed in the Workspace R console.

If your Mini-app contains files not included in the template, these can be uploaded into your applications folder in the Files tab with the original headings. You can then open your app in the Mini-app tab (you may need to restart your app to allow it to run).

Updated on December 1, 2020

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