Uploading Data Files

Files uploaded into the Data files section of a dataset catalogue can only be CSV files.


Managing data files of a dataset requires Data Steward or Data Manager permissions or a custom role with appropriate permissions.

Data files have their own set of permissions that allow users to add, list, download and delete data files. There is also a separate set of permissions to allow users to assign data files to a dictionary, only then the CSV data fill will update or create a dictionary.


Upload data files

Data files can either be dragged and dropped into the upload panel or browsed locally and selected for upload. You can upload individual or multiple files for different dictionaries at the same time, but folder upload is not supported.

Once the file has been successfully uploaded, they will appear in the Data files panel with the size of the file and a menu on the right-side of the name.


Data files download and deletion

Data files can be download by either selecting the 'Download' option in the menu on the right-side of the file, or by clicking on the data file's filename. They can be deleted by selecting 'Delete' in the ellipsis adjacent to the file. You will be asked to enter the file name to confirm the deletion.


Assign data to a dictionary

Data files can be assigned to a dictionary by selecting 'Assign data to a dictionary' in the file menu. Users can choose to create a new dictionary or add the data to an existing dictionary.

To assign the file to a new dictionary, type the name of it in the bar. The new dictionary will be available in the dataset dictionary section and all the fields will have been prepopulated using the information on the headers in the file. Then, you can edit the labels, types and add descriptions to each variable.

A data file can also be assigned to an existing dictionary by selecting the dictionary name.

Before updating or creating a dictionary, you can choose whether you want to delete the data file after it has been successfully uploaded into the database.


Updated on July 14, 2023

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