Submitting a Data Access Request

Users can submit a data access request (DAR) by selecting Request on the Dataset tab:

Request Tab.png

This will open the request tab for the dataset. The DAR has four sections:

  1. Destination
  2. Project
  3. About
  4. Complete


DAR Full Screen.png

This section allows users to select which dictionaries they wish to transfer, and the destination workspace. All possible destination workspaces are listed on this screen. The Requested Before column on the right of the workspaces table indicates if there have been any previous requests for this dataset to be transferred to a particular workspace.


Full screen 2.png

This section allows the requester to provide information about the project the data will be used in. This section is fully configurable, allowing the data owner to set their own questions, though it typically requires details of the project (e.g. project summary and start date) and how the data will be used.


Full screen 3.png

This section allows the requester to provide information about themselves and others working on the project. This section is also fully configurable, so the specific questions may vary between datasets.


Success page.png

On completion, the requester will be presented with a Submitted for review message. If they have not already subscribed to the dataset they will have the option to subscribe here. Users can view their submitted requests on the My Requests tab.

Updated on December 22, 2023

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