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Reviewing a Data Access Request

For Data Access Request (DAR) enabled customers and as a data owner, you will receive requests to access your dataset. Past and present access requests to be reviewed can be viewed by selecting ‘Review requests’ from the Access dropdown on the menu ribbon.

The table lists all requests made to access your dataset with metadata such as dataset requested and the requestors email. By default, the list shows all pending requests to be reviewed, however previously approved or denied requests can be viewed by adjusting the filter on the top right.

To review the access request, click the request ‘Name’. This will display the request information provided by the requestor.

When an approve or deny decision has been made, the respective button can be selected in the menu bar. A dialog appears to confirm this decision and to include a mandatory reason for this decision.

Upon decision, the requesting user will receive a notification of the decision. The request can be viewed in the review list by adjusting the filter. For example, the following shows approved-only requests.

The status of the request is also reflected back to the requestor, for example in the My requests table or within the request – see the 'Viewing a Data Access Request’ article).

Updated on January 18, 2021

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