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Creating a Mini-app from a template

To create a new Mini-app, select the 'New Mini-app' option from the Add dropdown menu. Give it a name, choose the Mini-app template (see the list below) and the R image version, then click on 'Create mini-app'.

This will create a new tile in the Mini-apps tab and a new folder in the Files tab named after the new Mini-app. To customise your Mini-app, edit files in this folder, and then refresh your Mini-app.

Mini-app created from the 'Dynamic plot with ggplot' template.

Mini-app templates

There are several templates available when creating a new Mini-app:

  1. Blank single file creates an empty app consisting of a single app.R script.
  2. Example single file creates a single-file exemplar Mini-app that displays a scatter plot of the different variables in the Ozone dataframe.
  3. Blank multi-file creates an empty app consisting of two separate scripts for the server function and the User Interface (UI) object.
  4. Dynamic plot with ggplot/ggvis create a multi-file app that displays an interactive bar plot of the Flights per Month in the hflights dataframe.
  5. Test communication with workspace this mini-app aims to facilitate testing communication between the workspace files, datasets, RConsole and Mini-apps environment.
Updated on May 5, 2021

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