FAIR Release Notes: 2.9.0

First released: 24th April 2024


This release introduces a new Manual transfer type to FAIR. It also introduces a change to custom dataset links, allowing administrators to add user log-in information to custom links, facilitating smoother integration with third party systems. The release also includes some security updates and a bug fix for the DAR process.

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Better support for manual transfers in FAIREnhancementFAIR-6852

Introduces 'Manual Transfer' as a supported delivery format in FAIR. This is for datasets where the transfer to a workspace is not initiated from FAIR, but handled by separately by and administrator. Where a dataset is marked is manual users do not have to select dictionaries as part of the DAR, or initiate transfer from the FAIR UI. Cohort Builder is also disabled for all datasets with this delivery format.

User id information required for use in a dataset linkEnhancementFAIR-7881

Administrators can now customise dataset links with user details, this is to facilitate smoother integration with third party systems. Further information can be found in the knowledge base.

DAR Cohorts can be manipulated to cover multiple datasets which can then be transferred without full approvalSecurityFAIR-7961

This resolves a bug that was discovered in the FAIR API