FAIR Release Notes: 2.2.0

First released: 17th January 2024


This release contains some back end changes , minor bug fixes, and extends cohort builder to work on datasets held in external synapse databases.

This release also introduces scheduled tasks to remove orphaned databases and storage containers associated with deleted datasets. When a dataset is deleted associated databases and files should be deleted, these scheduled tasks have been introduced as a backup should the initial deletion fail. It ensures that no data without an associated metadata record will be held in FAIR.

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Prune orphaned dataset databasesSecurityFAIR-7094

This change introduces a scheduled task to delete any databases associated with deleted datasets

Prune orphaned dataset storage containersEnhancementFAIR-7095

This change introduces a scheduled task to delete any storage containers associated with deleted datasets

Resolve transfer issue on Azure SQL ServerBugFixFAIR-7374

This resolves an issue with transfers for data held in external Azure SQL Server databases

Extend Cohort Builder to work on SynapseEnhancementFAIR-7375

Cohort Builder can now be used on data held in external Synapse databases

Unable to sort columns in Dataset Subscribers tableBugFixFAIR-7427

This ticket resolves a bug with the dataset subscribers table