FAIR Release Notes: 2.0

First released: 6th December 2023


This release contains one major enhancement, a change to the user interface for data access requests.

Full details of the change can be found in the DRE Knowledge Base, but in summary:

  • DAR process now launches in a tab, not a modal
  • Following user feedback, selection of a destination workspace is now part of the first step
  • The requester is notified of any previous transfers of the same dataset to their available workspaces

This release also continues the evolution of the Dataset Conditions feature, where a condition is applied to dataset, this will now be visible to users when browsing datasets.

This is the last scheduled FAIR release of the year, the next release to production will be on 3 January 2024

This release note was updated on 5 December to included details of a subsequent patch release FAIR 2.0.1 which made changes to the FAIR audit log to make the log creation process more efficient and robust

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Improve display of workspaces during DAR wizardEnhancementFAIR-6775

This ticket introduces a number of substantial changes to the UI for submitting data access requests. See above for more detail.

Remove Repeated Batch ID Logic from FAIR Fluentd Out and Check Queue logic EnhancementFAIR-7521

This ticket was released as part of path release FAIR 2.0.1, it changes the process for creating audit logs to make it more robust

Improve Efficiency of FluentD Check Queue by Batching RequestsBugFixFAIR-7520

This ticket was released as part of path release FAIR 2.0.1, it improves the efficiency of the process that creates the audit files

Audit duplication investigation Where SP is not validBugFixFAIR-7646

This ticket was released as part of path release FAIR 2.0.1, the investigation resulted in a bug fix which stops duplicate audit records being created when log analytics authorisation has failed