FAIR Release Notes: 1.55.0

First released: 27th September 2023


This release introduces Cohort Builder as a production feature. This means that the following curated roles will have cohort permissions as standard:

  • Standard
  • Data Manager
  • Data Owner

Cohort Builder is administered by Data Owners on a per dataset basis, by default it will be disabled on all datasets.

In addition, there are some minor bug fixes in this release and a new feature that allows users to add dataset catalogue fields to system email templates.

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Add cohort permissions to selected system rolesEnhancementFAIR-6271

As detailed above, this ticket adds cohort permissions to three standard roles

Make FAIR catalogue fields available in data access request email templatesEnhancementFAIR-7174

This change allows users to add catalogue fields to data access request email templates, for more information please contact the service desk or your project manager.

Deleting a DAR where code contains special characters results in blank screen (also search, cohort)BugFixFAIR-7182

This resolves a bug which led to errors when deleting a DAR

DAR Emails to reviewers may include users without review request permissionsBugFixFAIR-7282

This resolves a bug which allowed users without review request permissions to receive alerts about access requests