FAIR Release Notes: 1.54.0

First released: 13th September 2023


This release contains introduces two new field types for custom catalouges, a change to the FAIR landing page and improvements to the cohort builder ahead of it's production release in FAIR 1.55.

Upcoming items

Cohort Builder will be released to production in FAIR 1.55, for more information on how to enable and manage cohort builder, and examples on how to use it please see the Cohort Builder sectionof the knowledge base.

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Advanced search on home panel searchEnhancementFAIR-6495

Users can now open FAIR search from the 'Advanced Search' link in the homepage banner.

Regression: No error message displayed when creating an invalid dictionaryBugFixFAIR-6588

An error was not being displayed in the UI when a user created a dictionary with an invalid name, this ticket resolves the issue.

Handle cohorts where filters have become invalidEnhancementFAIR-6735

This is an improvement to the cohort builder UI. Where a saved cohort has become invalid because of changes to the underlying data or changes to the dataset settings the user viewing the cohort will now be shown an error in the UI.

Datetime & Time Support for Cohort FiltersEnhancementFAIR-6904

This is an improvement to the Cohort Builder UI, giving users the ability to create filters based on date and time in the Cohort query builder.

Add Custom Catalogue Link/Links TypesEnhancementFAIR-6937

An enhancement to FAIR Custom Catalogues which adds two new field types, link and links. These allow users to create catalogue fields that contain hypertext links. For more information on these please see the knowledge base article which details available field types.