FAIR Release Notes: 1.51.0

First released: 2nd August 2023


This release contains some minor bug fixes for cohort builder and search, and introduces the ability for data owners to delete data access requests for their data sets.

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Allow Data Owners to delete data access requestsEnhancementFAIR-6379

Data owners can now delete data access requests for their datasets

Display of Description results in faceted searchBugFixFAIR-6980

Resolves an issues with description text being cut off in search results

Can't enter decimal values into cohort builder query builder decimal fields BugFixFAIR-6984

Resolves issue that users were unable to enter a decimal value into cohort builder queries

Dropdown facets are accessible and sidebar facets are not shown as disabled when accessing a shared search with Can run permissionBugFixFAIR-6992

Resolves a UI issue with shared searches

Data Manager and Data Steward Descriptions are incorrectBugFixFAIR-7017

Updates the descriptions of the Data Manager and Data Steward roles