Duplicating Dataset Metadata

As an alternative to creating a completely new dataset, a data owner can choose to duplicate the metadata of an existing dataset that they own. Data owners cannot duplicate the metadata of datasets they do not own.

The option to Duplicate the metadata of a dataset is available from the elipses on the right of the Browse tab...

Browse elipses.png

... and is one of the actions on the Dataset tab:

Duplicate Tab.png

When a user selects the Duplicate option, it opens a new dataset tab in edit mode.

Add name.png

All of the catalogue metadata of the parent dataset will be maintained, but the user needs to give the dataset a new name before saving. The visibility of all datasets created this way will be set to private by default.

A full list of all the metadata and settings and if these are retained by a duplicate is provided below:

CatalogueMetadataYesAll existing catalogue values are duplicated, but a new name must be selected
DictionariesMetadataYesAll dictionaries and dictonary fields are duplicated
Cohort selectionDataset settingYes
Subscriptions and notificationsDataset settingYesThe subscription settings are duplicated, but the duplicate dataset has no subscribers
Data access requestsDataset settingYes
VisibilityDataset settingNoAll duplicates are set to private by default
NameMetadataNoThe user needs to name the duplicate before saving
Dataset and dictionary codesMetadataNoFAIR will create new codes for the duplicate
AttachmentsResourceNoAttached files are not duplicated, this includes data files
UsersNANoThe creator of the duplicate dataset is the only user at the point of creation

Underlying data is not duplicated as part of this process.

Updated on January 26, 2024

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