Deleting a Dataset

Users with the Data Steward and Data Manager role (or via a custom role with appropriate permissions) can delete datasets in the FAIR platform, though a user with either role only has permission to delete datasets that they own.

A dataset can be deleted by opening the Dataset Administration Tab and selecting the ‘Delete’ button in the actions ribbon.

Delete Dataset.png

A dialog appears confirming that the user wants to delete the dataset.

Delete pop up.png

The user must type in the name of the dataset to confirm its deletion, at which point the ‘Delete dataset’ button will become active.

When a dataset is deleted metadata, and associated attachments are deleted from the platform, if the underlying data is held in FAIR this is also deleted.

Users can also initiate the delete process from any location in the user interface that lists the dataset and has a vertical ellipsis with a dropdown delete menu item.

Note- If a dataset has been deleted in error, the data owner can raise a service desk to have the data restored from the FAIR daily back up, which is held for 14 days.

Updated on September 25, 2023

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