Dataset Visibility

Dataset visibility is managed from the Dataset Administration Tab, which data owners can access via the dataset page.

A dataset within FAIR Data Services has three levels of visibility:

  • Users I share with (aka Private): the dataset is private to the user that created it, and any other users they have granted access.
  • All logged in users (aka Internal): the dataset is viewable to all logged in users within the FAIR service.
  • Anyone (aka Public) available to all users including those that are not logged in. Public is only available in Commons Mode

Changing the Visibility of a Dataset

A Data Owner can change the visibility of their dataset by opening the Dataset Administration tab and selecting their preferred option from the 'Visibile To' dropdown:

Dataset Visibilty.png

If set to 'Internal' or 'Public' the Data Owner does not need to take any further action to share the dataset. If set to 'Private', then the Data Owner needs to select the specific users they wish to share with.

To do this they should open the 'Share' settings accessible here:

Sharing Icon FAIR.png

This will open a pop up which allows the Data Owner to select the users they wish to share with, and specify the level of permission they should be given on the dataset:

  • Can view - user can view the dataset
  • Can edit and attach - user can edit the dataset metadata and attach files
  • Data Owner - data can view, edit and delete the dataset
Updated on October 11, 2023

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