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Using the audit charts and tables to monitor workspace activity

The Audit tab is a privileged platform operation for Workspace Administrators only which delivers an efficient, activity focused overview of activity taking place in a workspace. It holds a number of pieces of detailed information demonstrating how a workspace has been used, identifying which users have looked at which workspace assets, as well as where and when this activity takes place. Clicking on the Audit tab displays a table offering user tracking across resource access, files and dataset uploads. The table details a list of workspace events which have occurred, e.g. when users have accessed the workspace, added notes or deleted files. Clicking on an individual item in any column limits the table to only show audit events involving that specific item. After filters have been applied, simply select the 'Clear Filter' command to revert the table back to an unfiltered state. You can also use the 'Refresh' button in this area to ensure that you have the most up to data audit information available.

Updated on December 1, 2020

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