Setting up SAS® on your Windows Virtual Desktop

SAS® is a statistical software suite for data management, advanced analytics and business intelligence. SAS® allows users to perform analysis using a graphical point-and-click user interface for non-technical users, and it can be used as a programming language. It is a very useful tool when working with data obtained from numerous different sources.

SAS® software is licensed, this means that you will need a Microsoft® Windows® Server for x64 license to be able to use SAS® in the Virtual Machine in your workspace.

Set Up the Installation Files on your Local Computer

1. Get SAS® Download Manager on your Local Computer

After receiving the license details go to the SAS® site to download the appropriate SAS® Download Manager. You must choose the executable that matches your local computer. If you are working with a Windows Operating System it will probably be Microsoft® Windows® for x64.
You will need your registered account details to access the download links.

2. Run SAS® Download Manager

Run SAS® Download Manager on your local computer. This will create a folder (~10Gb) with all the files needed for the offline installation in the workspace. The license details will be checked in this step.

Once the SAS® Download Manager has finished, ZIP the folder and upload it into the required workspace. See other articles (Link: on how to upload files into the workspace in different ways.

Install SAS® on the Windows VM

Move the SAS® ZIP file to a location within your VM, for example, C:\Users\workspace\Documents. Then, extract the ZIP and open the folder. You should see a file called setup.exe. Run this file to start the SAS® Deployment Wizard. From here, you can follow this guide to set up the software inside your VM.

Updated on November 23, 2022

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