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Saving, Sharing and Deleting a Search

Searches within FAIR are reproducible. Searches can either be saved or the URL of the search can be copied and shared with others.

After entering search criteria, the search can be saved by selecting the ‘Save’ button in the actions ribbon. A dialog will appear similar to the following:

  • ID: an optional ID for your saved search. This is useful when referring to it via the API.
  • Name: a mandatory name for your saved search.
  • Visible to: select the visibility of your search. For more information about visibility, see the ‘Dataset Visibility’ article that describes the same levels of visibility for saved searches.
  • Description: an optional description for your saved search.

Your last 5 saved searches will appear in the Discover menu dropdown with a link to all your saved searches via ‘My searches’:

The saved searches panel lists saved searches and can be filtered by text or the visibility of the saved search.

Users have the option via the vertical ellipsis to open, rename, duplicate or delete the saved search as well as copying the search URL for sharing.

Copying a Search URL

Similar to the copy URL functionality in saved searches, the search URL can be directly copied when performing any search in the search panel via the ‘copy’ icon to the right of the search bar.

Updated on October 15, 2020

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