Navigating the Files tab

To view the files associated with a workspace, select the Files tab. The files are divided into two folders, named Files and Blobs, to help you organise your workspace. The Files folder is intended for storing most of your working material like data analysis scripts, PDFs, Office documents and csv table files. Blobs is meant for holding big items like large image or Genomics files or larger database files. You can easily switch between these two folders by clicking the tabs at the top of the file list. Scripts/Documents tabs

Please note that filtering and reordering on Files using the pre-defined filters is currently unavailable although the search box can be used to filter your stored items. file tools

A number of tools are available for performing actions on a file. Click anywhere on the file row, other than the file name or icon, and choose an action on the right-hand sidebar.

Updated on November 30, 2020

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