FAIR Permissions

Below is a list of all permissions available within FAIR and those assigned to managed roles. This permission list can be used to create custom roles where necessary.

Permission Present in Managed Role
Category Action Observer Standard Data Steward Admin Custom
datasets create        
datasets read    
datasets update        
datasets destroy        
datasets download    
datasets upload        
datasets share        
datasets secure        
datasets audit        
attachments create        
attachments read    
attachments destroy        
attachments download    
requests create      
requests read      
requests review        
requests destroy        
workflows read        
workflows update        
search create    
search read    
search update    
search destroy    
search share    
search secure    
search audit    
themes update        
roles create        
roles read        
roles update        
roles destroy        
roles assign        
roles audit        
vocabularies update        
users read        
users approve        
audit read        
configurations read        
Updated on March 4, 2021

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