Data Transfer Receipt

All data transfers from FAIR to Workspaces include a receipt, provided in the form of a markdown file, which is accessible from Workspaces.

Receipt Contents

The data transfer receipt is divided into four sections.

Dataset Information

This section contains the following:

  • QR Code – if scanned this will take users to the dataset page in FAIR
  • Dataset Name – the name of the dataset
  • Dataset URL – the dataset URL in FAIR
  • Dataset Version – the version of the dataset that was transferred
  • Dataset Description – the description of the dataset in FAIR
  • Data Request Information

    This section contains the following:

  • Request ID – the ID of the request
  • Request URL – the URL of the request
  • Request Output – the format the data was transferred in (i.e. clear, synthetic or pseudonymised)
  • Requester – the name and email of the data requester
  • Timestamps

    This section contains the following:

  • Requested at – request date/time stamp in UTC
  • Approved at – approval date/time stamp in UTC
  • Transfer date – transfer date/time in UTC
  • Dictionaries

    This section contains all dictionaries associated with the transfer.

    Updated on September 28, 2022

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