Creating and deleting files

Create a new file

To create a new file in the workspace:

  • Click the Add dropdown menu and select ‘New File'.
  • This will open a New File window, where you need to:
    • enter the name for the file
    • choose a destination folder (either Files or Blobs)
    • select the type of file you want to create from the dropdown: SQL file (.sql)*, CSV file (.csv)*, R file (.r)*, report file (.rnw)*, Jupyter Notebook (.ipynb)*, text file (.txt)* or other file (*.*).
  • Click ‘Create new file’. This opens a text editor, allowing you to create the required file directly in your workspace.
  • Once you have added your content, do not forget to click ‘Save’.

Delete a file

To delete a file in the workspace:

  • Click on the Files tab to display a list of all files in the workspace, or use the search function to find the required file by name.
  • Select the file by clicking anywhere on the row, other than the file name or icon.
  • A list of available functions relating to the selected file will appear in the right-hand sidebar. Click ‘Delete file’ and confirm your action in the popup window. The file now should be deleted.
Updated on February 3, 2021

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