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Creating and deleting folders

Creating folders in the Files storage

Users can create folders within the Files section of the workspace. To do so, navigate to the Add menu and select ‘New folder'. You should then name the folder and select 'Create new folder’.

Creating nested folders within folders is easy, once you have navigated to the correct parent folder, simply follow the steps above to create new subfolders within it.

Creating folders in the Blob storage

Currently, it is possible to follow the process above to create a folder in the Blob storage. Due to the nature of Blob storage, folder hierarchies cannot exist without content. So you won't be able to create empty folders, and after refreshing the page the empty folders will be gone from your Blob storage. There is a workaround: you can create an empty folder, and without closing the window, add or upload a new file to the folder.

Deleting folders

To delete a folder in the workspace, first select the folder by clicking anywhere on the row, other than the file name or icon.

A list of available functions relating to the selected folder will appear in the right-hand sidebar. Click ‘Delete folder’ and confirm your action in the popup window. Please note that this will also delete all the files inside the folder.

Updated on June 14, 2021

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