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Show discrete, numerical comparisons across categories by creating a bar chart with bar heights proportional to the values in a numeric column.


Create a bar chart by selecting a categorical variable (X) and a numerical variable (Y). The Y numerical variable can be calculated manually before, or passed and handled automatically by the module. Add a categorical fill variable in order or colour and segment your bars.


The example column bar chart below illustrates the number of patients at each hospital who received their first treatment within 31 days after diagnosis grouped by the type of cancer.


Variable name Required Constraints Description
x Yes Column Input. Text, Integer, Boolean, Date, DateTime The categories in this column will form the x-axis of the plot and a bar will be created for each category.
y Yes Column Input. Integer, Decimal The values in this column will form the y-axis of the plot and a bar will be created for each value, corresponding to the respective x-axis parameter.
fill No Column Input. Text, Integer, Boolean, Date, DateTime The categories of this column will be used to populate the group and fill optional parameters. Group will segment the x-axis bars dependent on the group's categories, with fill colouring the bar accordingly.

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Updated on July 22, 2021

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