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Aridhia DRE fair usage policy



Aridhia aims to provide users with a feature-rich, performant and cost-effective service. SaaS / PaaS services, such as Aridhia's DRE, are priced based on an expected reasonable usage of the platform in a cloud environment and we therefore monitor the service to ensure that this is achieved. It is not Aridhia's intention to penalise users or to incur extra costs for normal platform usage.

The following fair usage policies are in place, per Workspace. If Aridhia detects usage beyond the above limits we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

1. Data export / downloads – 5 GB per month
2. Database storage – 10 GB
3. File / blob storage – 50 GB
4. Audit log data – 5 GB per month

Levels of file upload, manipulation and other activities are metered and will incur an additional cost above 300,000 transactions on the storage per month. For Blob storage, there is an allowance of 400,000 transactions. Some of these allowances is allocated to certain transactions on the storage; for example, 100,000 transactions are allocated to writing to Blob storage.

Note, in some cases, a specific policy may have been agreed for your organisation, for example on data storage per Workspace. Please check with your organisation's DRE Administrator/Data Steward or contact the Aridhia service desk.

Updated on February 26, 2021

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