FAIR Release Notes: 2.6.0

First released: 13th March 2024


This release contains a change to the FAIR audit log, introduces the ability for data owners to set a custom source name for externally held data and upates the UI to warn users if they have created duplicate lookup values.

Upcoming items

The following features are expected be released before the end of Q1 2024, or early in Q2:

  • Dataset Creation Wizard - improving the user experience of creating a new dataset, by introducing a dataset creation wizard
  • Manual Transfers - introducing manual data transfers as a full supported option in the FAIR UI and API
  • Data conversion in the UI - adding the data conversion API capability to the FAIR UI
  • User Groups - allowing users to create user groups and share datasets with them

If you would like to know more about any of these upcoming features please contact your Arihdia Account Manager

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Audit Attachment DeletionEnhancementFAIR-3259

This is an enhancement to the FAIR audit log, when an attachment is deleted from a dataset this will now create an audit event.

Update Dataset Dictionaries to allow setting of a Source Name for External DatasetsEnhancementFAIR-7704

When a dataset is hosted externally, the data owner now has the option of setting a custom source name for all dictionaries

Give visual cues in the UI for duplicate lookup namesEnhancementFAIR-7727

Where a data owner creates duplicate lookup values they will now receive a warning in the UI.

Multiple Boolean labels in json DAR form do not appear vertically underneath each otherBugFixFAIR-7875

This resolves a minor UI bug in DAR forms