FAIR Release Notes: 1.59.0

First released: 22nd November 2023


This release contains some back end changes that do not impact users and two minor bug fixes

Upcoming items

The data access request process will be updated in release 1.60.0 . The DAR will be presented on a tab, and workspace selection and following user feedback, workspace selection for transfer will now be part of the first step.

Further information on this change will be available in the DRE Knowledge Base prior to release.

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
PMN - Mask IP Address function fails DAR transfers to workspacesBugFixFAIR-7283

The Mask IP address PMN rule was causing data transfers to fail when applied, this ticket resolves the issue

Deletion doesn't need the name of the request to be filled inBugFixFAIR-7457

Deletion of an item in FAIR requires users to enter its name to confirm deletion. Testing showed that this was not functioning, this ticket resolves the issue.