FAIR Release Notes: 1.52.0

First released: 16th August 2023


This release contains some minor bug fixes and backend updates

Released features

FeatureTypeJira keySummary
Deletion of a dataset or dictionary does not remove the DB in the Postgres DBBugFixFAIR-6902

This ticket resolves a sporadic issue where the deletion of the dataset does not delete the associated data from the database. A follow up piece of work will be carried out to identify and remove any orphaned data in production hubs.

Archiving request menu item is enabled for users own requestsBugFixFAIR-7151

This resolves a minor issue with FAIR-6379 which was part of release 1.51

Service announcement retrieval always failsBugFixFAIR-7153

Service banner announcements were not being displayed in FAIR, this ticket resolves the bug